SADW Event 2011

South African Discworld Event - SADWE

10th September 2011 -- 11:00 'til 22:00

The First South African Disworld Event 2011 is around the corner in run-up to, and to kick-start planning for, The First South African Discworld Convention 2012.

Come along for a day that celebrates the works, the wit and the wisdom of Sir Terry Pratchett OBE.

We've a fine day of festivities planned, meals, competitions, auctions and what-not!

All the particular-perculiar information can be found by following the relevant tabs at the top, these include the Programme for the day, Ticket purchase information, Merchandise & Aucitions, the venue location & a couple tid-bits about the menu and some rather useful & interesting links.

With the Eventful day fast approaching we look forward to seeing you!

A mention of our Charities:

We are a non-profit body, all proceeds from this event will be donated to these two charities:

  1. Alzheimer’s South Africa 
  2. Volunteer Wildfire Services 

Additional Information:

Please contact us via the Contacts Page with any enquiries.

And, feel free to post any comments on our facebook page: Facebook - First ever South African Discworld Event