SADWE Sept 2011 -- Round-up

The Turtle Moves -- at great speed too o.O

A week ago I was getting ready to stuff bags in preparation for the Event, now 7 days later, I barely have time to breath a round-up out; this is a pity! 

There is so much to say, everything turned out great! As the organising lot we managed to jump some scary last minute hurdles, managed to get a drop of sleep and definitely managed to have a fantastic time. A big thanks to the team; no team, no event!

We had a bunch of fans, a HAT full of fans, more fans than we had realistically expected. The turn-out was great; in total (off the top of my head) there were 88 ticket holders through the door! An enthusiastic bunch, many dressed up, took part in the pub-quizz, the auction and the raffle. In the end we raised around R6000 for our two charities! A resounding thanks to the fans; no fans, no event!

Graced as we were by the presence of Rob’s mug on the screen, he face was there too. He read to us from Snuff, he answered questions and he raffled off his cups. Possibly the most envied person about, I for one know, I’d give my left leg to hop-about as Sir Terry’s assistant!

I have to mention Chris, a real card; his knowledge about the Discworld is (possibly) limitless, his role in the event pivotal, and the fact that he often has a supper with The Man Himself (not Death), makes Chris enviable-person #2! Without Rob’s mug, or Chris’s aid & knowledge, I think the Event would have had much less lustre.

And, what is lustre, if not for how the setting shines? No one can fault Amanda & Chef’s humble Bistro, transformed into an entertaining venue, complete with Ankh-market, themed food & enthusiastically (themed) staff. Chef Candy’s candies were delicious; her Strawberry Wobbler was so phallic (and wobbly) that Nanny herself would have been proud! Chef, who had barely heard of Pratchett, had been given a copy of Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook 3 weeks prior and SERIOUSLY got into the swing of things.

At the start of this, I said I only had time for a few lines, and then had to dash off. Well I have written a few paragraphs, and I think this sums up, lightly and briefly, just how awesome I found the day.

I would like to point you to our links section, on the Facebook pages there is a host of pictures, by pro’s & am’s alike; your instant feedback in comments is welcome; positive & negative, we can only learn from our mistakes.

Going forward: watch-this-space >  < (a small one, but crucial), we are planning for May 2012 – and are strongly considering Hogswatch Eve in November as another teaser before May. We will soon have a fully working forum up & running (there is one now, but this is early stages, so please bear with us through any changes)

With much jubilation, ululation, jollification, huzzahs, hoorahs and a toot on the vuvuzela, I’d declare this event-thingamajig a success!